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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their carpet and furniture are clean just because they look clean. What they may not realize is that, over time, even the most spotless looking carpets and upholstery soil quite evenly and lose their original luster and also collect dust and soil below the surface where regular vacuum cleaning may not reach. To increase the useful life of your carpets, most carpet manufacturers recommend you have carpets cleaned every 12-18 months before you may recognize they are dirty. 

Carpet can trap sources of indoor air pollutants like dust, dirt and various scents. This can lead to children and adults suffering an increased risk of asthma or allergies. Regular vacuuming can add with the short-term prevention of this however, professional carpet cleaning services will help ensure the carpet is free from dirt or other allergies. With our professional environment friendly carpet cleaning service, we eliminate smell, pollutant and get rid of dust mites which creates allergies. 

Our price for carpet cleaning starts at

$39 per room with furniture and $49per room without furniture for upto 200 SQ FT room size.

$39 for stairs upto 13 stairs

$20 for small hallway and $30 to $50 for big hallway.

$25 for small rug & $35 for big rug cleaning.

Our pricing for upholstery cleaning starts @ 

$30 for  sofa chair.

$60 for  2 seat sofa.

$90 for  3 seat sofa.

$120 for small sectional.

$160 for big sectional

Our minimum price for carpet cleaning is $139